Missions Partners

Elevation/The Embassy supports a number of mission partners around the world on a long-term basis.

Terry & Brenda Martin
Niverville, Manitoba

Terry is the Executive Director of Rising Above, an Aboriginal Christian mission dealing with issues of abuse in the Aboriginal community. Terry and Brenda also participate as members of the Rising Above Band. They live in Manitoba with their children, Shoshannah, Josiah and Nathaniel.

Dale & Janet Horst
Playas, Ecuador

Dale and Janet reside in Playas, Ecuador, with their four sons Burke, Alanson, Denzil and Selwyn. They have chosen to immerse themselves in a new community, looking for a variety of opportunities to serve their neighbours and explore faith with them.

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Nikki Horne
Guayaquil, Ecuador

Nikki lives in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Nikki's main role is to coordinate a school sponsorship program for children in Bastion, a poor squatter community. She is also working in the river community of Onzole.

Nadine Faser

Nadine works in Tanzania, East Africa with Pamjoa Ministries. Nadine grew up in Tanzania and has returned to work with the ministry her parents have built providing literature and more recently, media, for church leaders across Africa.

Brett & Grace Ostrander
The Philippines

Brett is a young man working in Manila, Philippines. Brett is sent through International Teams and currently works as Youth Pastor in a church he helped to plant.

Trevor Gingerich
Humber College

Trevor completed an internship with The Embassy in Waterloo in 2007 and launched The Embassy - Humber in October 2008, where he serves as pastor. He and his wife, Rebecca, live in Etobicoke.

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Craig & Leilani Bauman
Wallenstein, Ontario

Craig and Leilani live in Wallenstein, Ontario, with their daughters Elisabeth, Katharina and Ionela. They attend and are involved in leadership at Elevation. Craig works as the Chief Operating Officer at International Teams Canada.

Karl & Mary Gingerich
Waterloo, Ontario

Karl and Mary Gingerich attend Elevation and live in Waterloo. They have three grown children, Nathan, Trevor and Eeleah. Karl is the Director of Information Systems for International Teams (IT) Canada.

Gord & Sharon Skopnik
Waterloo, Ontario
Gord is the Canadian Program Leader for Sudan with International Teams (IT) Canada. Gord and Sharon live in Waterloo with their children Ashlyn, Alyssa, Dustin and Dylan and participate in our Elevation community.

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